Monday, March 18, 2013

La Dolce Vita

Nothing makes me feel more romantic (or nostalgic), than Venice. It really is the most romantic city in the world- especially if you know how to frame a photograph- or use a sepia filter. I have been doing reminiscent things like reading old diaries and letters (! remember those!!?) . And a last unseasonal snow is falling at twilight....its so beautiful!!!!

And nothing makes me as excited as planning two trips to Italy this year! (I am already practice packing!- I like to travel light). Especially if I have to go by gondola!

I am spending a lot of time practicing Italian with a GREAT program- you should try it if you need to learn Italian (or French or German, Spanish, Portuguese....) I've learned so much and it makes language learning fun, fast and easy!!!! Also its FREE! aaaaaaaaand there's an APP (also free!)!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lucky 13

2013 is lucky.

I have decided.

And once I decided- I started winning things! Like 10 bottles of wine! (YES!) and an organizational binder (did I mention that 2013 is also organized?), and a quilting book!! (did I mention that 2013 is also about CRAFTING?!) (thanks  and for the winnings and the inspiration!)
Country Cottage Quilting by Lynette Anderson, and  my new  duo 2 in 1 organizer- folder and binder in one! Perusing my winnings while drinking some of them!

And 2013 is about de-stashing. And at the moment that means knitting....... (but quilting- you are next!)
And that means that I finally finished my 'Everyday Hoodie' (by Blue Sky Alpacas). It took me 2 years to complete this project (and a LOT of frogging and re-knitting). But I finished it and I LOVE it. I did it in a similar coloured merino and I love it so much I think that I will knit it again! Its probably the 3rd sweater that I have knit- and definitely the best one ever! It really worked out! Of course when I had the sleeves on 4 (4!) needles and it was all complicated I never took any photos. It seemed to be on those danged needles forever, but then all so the sudden they were done! And the next instructions were 'sew in sleeves'! I had been trying to get to this point for ALMOST 2 YEARS! and I had made it! woot!

I am also finishing up 'That Vest'. It's a really cool vest that is easy to knit like a scarf, but you can wear 2 ways- short or long! I just have to finish a few rows and then sew on some gorgeous leather buttons that I bought to complete it. ( I should be doing this NOW, but I am actually blogging which is something of a miracle in itself- even though I LOVE blogging!) The 2 year sweater and blogging seem to be giving me the same problem- I get to a difficult part, I think that I can't do it and then I try to avoid it for as long as I can. When I eventually DO pick it up its just like riding a bike- and everything just flows back in place. And as you can see with the knitting- I actually get it done.

And so it shall be with blogging- (because 2013 is also the year of blogging!)

And last but not least- 2013 is the year of inspiration! I have found SO MANY new creative and crafty blogs in the last month it is nothing but INSPIRATIONAL! I am amazed at all of you productive, crafty women out there who have time to blog and raise kids and work and CREATE so many amazing things that inspire me!

cheers ladies! I plan to give a shout out and links to some of my faves in the coming weeks! (as soon as I figure out how to do it!)

My 2013 day planner! May the force be with you!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's in a name?

It took awhile to come up with a proper name for my blog. I was really trying to figure out something that would suit the kind of blog I want to keep- which shall be about fashion, and making things, and music, and art and technology and yummy food, and maybe a few flowers, and great photography and fun! and awesome! and wonderful things! (!)....

The first time I heard 'Lucy in the sky with Diamonds' was on AM radio and I was about 7 or 8 years old. My father was driving me to the airport in our orange Ford truck (brown interior).

I was on my way to visit my FAVOURITE cousins in Chicago for the entire summer.  It was summer vacation, the sky was blue, it was a gorgeous! I was even wearing  a new outfit and possibly had new luggage. And on the radio they were singing about a girl (lucy!) in the sky (on an airplane!) with diamonds (huh? I couldn't figure out where the diamonds part was going to fit in for me- but I could work it out!). I also have another beatles/father/fashion trifecta of an anecdote: My father once picked out a necklace medallion (it has a 2.5" diameter) with a picture of Snoopy riding a ten speed bike through the mountains which says 'Day Tripper' on it (I STILL have it). I spent some  time in my youth trying to figure out why the Beatles were singing about Snoopy.....
Which really leads me to the point of this post. As I was trying to come up with a name for my blog which could have meaning for me while describing what I was trying to say and do- this song came on the radio! And then everything came together to make it all work out. And I realised that this song will always remind me of the wonderful times I had with my father as a little girl and how much he loved me (and how great his fashion sense was) and the beauty of the lazy summer days of youth full of swimming pools, and sunshine, and books and the endless time that we were trying to fill.

My father passed away 3 years ago. I miss him everyday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wanderlust: A Weekend at the Beach

I love seagrasses and sand and blue sky.......
 I was lucky to get to go to the beach this past weekend. It's always so nice to get on the water around here. I was mostly excited for the boat trip and to get a chance to do some beachcombing. I found so many beautiful shells and driftwood. I am dreaming up some driftwood necklaces....

Tender Coral Skeleton on the Beach


Sea Urchin

Eagle Feather

Spending some time just watching the clouds go by- always reminds me of hanging out with the gang in  my old neighbourhood- long summer days, sitting in the shade of a tree, feeling the breeze and just watching the clouds drift by. In between rollerskating sessions, visits to the candy store and swing set visits of course!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Wanderlust: Cinque Terra

Boats in the water at Vernazza.
Pomegranate tree on a terrace in Vernazza.

Fresh Anchovies from the market.
Regional Specialties-capers, anchovy, wine!

Boats on shore at Monterosso

Hiking back to Vernazza- on the ancient paths.

View of Vernazza from the path.

Lime trees above us as we dine alfresco in Corniglia.

Boats in Vernazza.
This is from my recent holiday. It really was this beautiful and pastoral in the Cinque Terra- a region in the Italian Riviera. Above are the fishing boats that the fisherman row out in every day- and the fish that they have caught. The water was great for swimming and there are phenomenal hikes on small (cliffside!) paths which were built by the peasants of the five villages. There are no cars in the villages (the villages are so old they were built before cars! and the roads can't fit them), however there are trains between each village. Trains come in handy if you can't bear the paths again. The hikes are not arduous, but they are not short little jaunts. It takes about an hour or so to hike from Vernazza to Monterosso- and I believe it starts with an uphill hike of over 100 steps! But the paths are STUNNING! They wind through orchards, and vineyards and forests and breathtaking ocean views. And of course once you arrive at a village, after all of that hard work, you MUST sit down and EAT all of the fresh local produce and frutti di mare- and the local wines. Its TOUGH out there! So many meals so little time!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Swans in Zurich, Switzerland
December 18, 2007

The week before Christmas is my favourite time of year. I start reading my collection of Nutcracker storybooks and decorating with cedar and clear lights. To me Christmas is about evergreen and freesia and lots of snow- all of which are in abundance this year. Snuggling down with hot chocolate, making felt ornaments and taking lots of walks in the snow.