Friday, July 6, 2012

Wanderlust: A Weekend at the Beach

I love seagrasses and sand and blue sky.......
 I was lucky to get to go to the beach this past weekend. It's always so nice to get on the water around here. I was mostly excited for the boat trip and to get a chance to do some beachcombing. I found so many beautiful shells and driftwood. I am dreaming up some driftwood necklaces....

Tender Coral Skeleton on the Beach


Sea Urchin

Eagle Feather

Spending some time just watching the clouds go by- always reminds me of hanging out with the gang in  my old neighbourhood- long summer days, sitting in the shade of a tree, feeling the breeze and just watching the clouds drift by. In between rollerskating sessions, visits to the candy store and swing set visits of course!

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