Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's in a name?

It took awhile to come up with a proper name for my blog. I was really trying to figure out something that would suit the kind of blog I want to keep- which shall be about fashion, and making things, and music, and art and technology and yummy food, and maybe a few flowers, and great photography and fun! and awesome! and wonderful things! (!)....

The first time I heard 'Lucy in the sky with Diamonds' was on AM radio and I was about 7 or 8 years old. My father was driving me to the airport in our orange Ford truck (brown interior).

I was on my way to visit my FAVOURITE cousins in Chicago for the entire summer.  It was summer vacation, the sky was blue, it was a gorgeous! I was even wearing  a new outfit and possibly had new luggage. And on the radio they were singing about a girl (lucy!) in the sky (on an airplane!) with diamonds (huh? I couldn't figure out where the diamonds part was going to fit in for me- but I could work it out!). I also have another beatles/father/fashion trifecta of an anecdote: My father once picked out a necklace medallion (it has a 2.5" diameter) with a picture of Snoopy riding a ten speed bike through the mountains which says 'Day Tripper' on it (I STILL have it). I spent some  time in my youth trying to figure out why the Beatles were singing about Snoopy.....
Which really leads me to the point of this post. As I was trying to come up with a name for my blog which could have meaning for me while describing what I was trying to say and do- this song came on the radio! And then everything came together to make it all work out. And I realised that this song will always remind me of the wonderful times I had with my father as a little girl and how much he loved me (and how great his fashion sense was) and the beauty of the lazy summer days of youth full of swimming pools, and sunshine, and books and the endless time that we were trying to fill.

My father passed away 3 years ago. I miss him everyday.