Monday, March 18, 2013

La Dolce Vita

Nothing makes me feel more romantic (or nostalgic), than Venice. It really is the most romantic city in the world- especially if you know how to frame a photograph- or use a sepia filter. I have been doing reminiscent things like reading old diaries and letters (! remember those!!?) . And a last unseasonal snow is falling at twilight....its so beautiful!!!!

And nothing makes me as excited as planning two trips to Italy this year! (I am already practice packing!- I like to travel light). Especially if I have to go by gondola!

I am spending a lot of time practicing Italian with a GREAT program- you should try it if you need to learn Italian (or French or German, Spanish, Portuguese....) I've learned so much and it makes language learning fun, fast and easy!!!! Also its FREE! aaaaaaaaand there's an APP (also free!)!!


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